Because yesterday I bought a new Samsung S8 phone, I decided today to test a new mobile game right after school. I have been playing games on the phone for years, so I have already checked many popular titles. Today, after reading the review and sending a friend to my colleague, I downloaded a little-known game called Soul Knight from google play. In short, the game is a typical shooter where there is no room for a very extensive story. The aliens stole the precious stones responsible for the balance in the universe. That’s how much we know from the first stage in the game. Obviously, our task is to recover these stones.
We control the character in advance using the joystick located in the bottom corner of the screen. Our opponents can be found in the rooms one by one and every now and then we get to the stronger so-called Bos. When we defeat everyone, we go to the portal that will take us to the next level of the game.

Music in Soul Knight is very nice, pixel graphics do not impress but in this type of games is enough. To unlock new characters I used micropayments. I paid even though I could use the generators that can be found by typing in Google Soul Knight hack or Cheats. In the game, we can collect various weapons to help defeat opponents.

I think the game is great if someone is looking for something to get away after a hard day, the difficulty level at the beginning is not too high and increases with each level. I will not betray more, download Soul Knight from google play yourself and regain the stones responsible for the balance in the universe.